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This is for a special lucky dip bag. The bag is not refundable when you receive it as it is a lucky dip of what items you get.

In the bag could be…..

BTP - pocket nappies, wraps, velvet nappies, small/medium/Xl/pod bags, inserts, nippas, Terrys,

Newborn- wraps, Muslinz, prefolds, nippas, breast pads, postpartum sanitary pads, small/medium/Xl/pod bags

Junior- pocket nappies, wraps, velvet nappies, pull-ups, inserts, Terrys, nippas, small/medium/Xl/pod bags

Mixed bag- sanitary pads, breast pads, wipes, inserts, keyrings, boosters, nippas, blankets

Bags will have more than £40 worth of RRP items in them

Special lucky dip bag

Out of Stock
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