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30% deposit scheme 

We now offer a deposit scheme to UK customers on orders over £20 

At the minute it messes shipping up to other countries so we cant offer it. 


If your due a baby and dont want to pay for all the nappies at once you can pay 30% to save them.


This is how it works .

Do your shopping as normal and when it comes to placing the order enter code 30deposit in the basket. Then leave your paypal email and the date you would like to pay it all of by, in the comments. Up to 3 months in the comments. This will make you only pay a 30% deposit now. 

Then I will send you a paypal invoice for the 70% left and you will have until that date to pay the rest off. Weather it be 1 payment or lots of little payments. Its totally up to you. 

There is a £1.50 charge for admin work and I get charged for each small payment that is paid. This will be added on the paypal invoice. 

You can use this 30% deposit for anything you buy from me 

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