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Fit Guide


In this guide we have used a birth to potty (BTP) wrap with a BTP hemp insert and charcoal fleece liner. You can follow the same instructions if using separate fitted nappy and wrap, or all-in-one nappies. The general principle is the same for all cloth nappies.

So first, we will put our hemp insert inside the wrap. You can do this by tucking it under both flaps, or just one flap depending on preference. For a boy, you could leave the front out of the wrap for fast absorption.

Then we put our fleece liner across the top of the nappy to catch poo and keep the skin dry. We are using charcoal fleece which absorbs smells and reduces acidity.

When you put on a cloth nappy, you want the back level with the hips, not up the back like a disposable. Aim for where your own underwear sits, just above the pelvis.

Then, as you bring the nappy up between the legs, bring the elastics in toward the middle, so that they tuck right into the knickerline and do not sit on the legs.

You can see how the elastics are actually right inside the crotch of the nappy, creating a channel. If the elastics are down the thighs, you’ll not only get sore thighs but probably also get leaks. This way, everything is beautifully contained!

Next, smooth the front across the body and round the sides

Then as you bring each wing across, pull it UP toward the shoulder to get a tight fit across the bum/back of the leg

Then hoick it across and fasten

And repeat with the other side, remembering to tug the wing UP toward the shoulder then across to do it up.

The snaps on the front of the nappy (if applicable) are to adjust the “rise” to make the nappy smaller. If the legs are too loose, you may need to snap them up like this:

You can do this either before putting the nappy on, or after putting it on if you feel the legs are a bit loose.

Your nappy should look like this when done up

With a nice channel in the crotch and the elastics tucked right under into the knickerline. Like a pair of knickers

And on the back, again, sitting like a pair of knickers:

If you are using fitted and wrap, the finished thing should still look like this. If you find it difficult to tuck the elastics into the knickerline with a more bulky nappy underneath, you need to try a different wrap, or go up a size. Elastics on the thighs will allow the thighs to get damp at the top which will get sore, it also allows urine to sit against the elastics which can create sore marks where the elastics are sitting. This won’t happen when a wrap is correctly fitted. If you are having difficulty, you are welcome to contact us for help and advice.

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