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 You will need.


A clean sealable tub to fill with your chosen wipes, cloth wipes, a measuring jug and spoon, and a kettle of freshly boiled water.

Pop a Poppet into your jug


One Poppet will make upto a maximum of 1 litre of lightly fragranced solution and will dampen approximately 25-30 wipes. You may only need half that amount for less wipes, and one Poppet is still fine to use. It is all personal choice on how strong you would like the solution to be. Some use half, one or two Poppets - whatever you choose is fine.

Wait and Stir

Let Poppets dissolve for 30 seconds or so in the water then stir well. As they are full of wonderful natural oils they will melt easily, turning the water into a beautful milky solution.

And Pour

Lay your wipes in your tub so they are nice and easy to remove. Then simply pour the silky solution over the wipes until they are all damp to touch. Ideally you don't want the wipes to be too wet, but just wet enough for the job. Any left over solution you may have could always be put into a spray bottle once cooled, for use when out and about.

Ready to go!

Once cooled you will have a batch of wipes ready for however many days you have planned for. Some like to make up daily, others every couple of days. It’s about whatever works for you.

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