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Videos to help you with your cloth journey. 

click on youtube on the videos to see it bigger 

Every nappy needs something to absorb liquids. Here are our absorbent materials 

The different types of nappies we sell.

The different pocket nappies we sell. 

Parts of a nappy 

All about inserts 

 How to get a pocket ready

What are Newborn, BTP & Junior wraps 

What can go under a wrap 

What is a BTP & Junior
pull up

The inside of a velvet night nappy 

3 Terry folds


Jo fold- This is one of the easiest folds

Pickman- This fold has a few more layers were the wee goes and can fit around a bigger waist. Perfect for boys and front sleepers, but not as much poo containment.

Gaynor fold- This fold is very similar to the pickman fold but has more layers 


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