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BTP Hire Kit


What is in the kit ? 

3 BTP wraps- These are to go over something to make them waterproof, You can use inserts, trifold hemps, prefolds or terries under them. 

1 BTP standard charcoal pocket nappy with a bamboo insert. You can put a hemp insert in with this as well to make it last longer. 

1 Pull-up with a bamboo insert. You can add a hemp insert to this as well to make it last longer.

1 Mama Koala BTP pocket nappy with 2 mixed bamboo/microfibre inserts.

1 BTP premium charcoal pocket nappy with a hemp insert. You can add a bamboo insert to this to make it last longer.

1 60cm terry square and nappi nippa that can be folded in different ways to go under a wrap.

1 Size 2 muslinz prefold that can be folded to go under a wrap.

1 Trifold hemp that can be folded to go under a wrap.

1 XL bag that you can keep dirty nappies in until you wash them.

1 Pod bag that you can put nappies in that are ready to be used if you are going out.

2 Hemp inserts and 1 bamboo insert that can be used to make nappies or wraps hold more wee.

1 snap to hook & loop converter that can make the wraps and the standard charcoal nappy work differently. 

8 Fleece liners. These go between babies skin and nappy, except charcoal nappies that don't need them.

Terms & Conditions 




£5 Postage (to you)

£60 Deposit

Return postage (to me)


Kits will be inspected on return and must be complete, clean, undamaged and washed according to our instructions ONLY! If all is well on return you will receive a full refund ( excluding postage) OR £60 store credit and 15% giving you £70 store credit. These kits will be on hire for 2 weeks from the day you receive them to the day you post them back to me. 


When receiving the kit it needs a 40d at least 1 hour pre wash first so the nappies have your wash powder on and your child doesn't have a reaction to the wash powder that's been used before. 

Once used the nappies should have a main wash on a 40d cycle. 

Hang dry everything and DO NOT put on direct heat or in a dryer.

DO NOT use fabric softener, bleach or dishwasher tablets.

Please don't use petroleum based nappy creams on the nappies. ( ask us if you are unsure) 

Make sure nappies are washed and clean to send back. 

When kits arrive back with me they will be washed in between families 

Terry and wrap info can be found here -TERRY & WRAPS INFO | Tj's Reusables (

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