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These four layer super-thirsty hemp trifolds are a great replacement for the usual mf/bamboo combo, and can be used by themselves in a pocket nappy or a wrap. They are great for over night. Hemp absorbs faster than bamboo but holds as much, if not more.It can shrink slightly and go more stiff than bamboo over time, but our four layer hemp trifolds are designed to stay softer than some other types.They measure 35cm by 49cm and can be folded into 3 or 4, but do expect a small amount of shrinkage over time.They are 35% hemp and 65% cotton. We recommend at least 3 prewashes. Some say that hemp increases in absorbency for up to ten washes but we think three normal cycles, dry in between, will be fine.Hemp can be tumbled on low heat and is more robust than bamboo.

Trifold Hemp

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